Carpenters Portable Framing Square

Carpenters Portable Framing Square


The framing square is a full sized 16″x24″ when assembled. It is one quarter inch thick throughout. The long blade is the standard two inches wide, and the short blade is the standard inch and a half wide. We connect them together by an aluminum one foot rule that is dove tailed on leading edges to accomodate the dove tailed grooves. It is 3/32″ thick, and slightly under an inch wide.

The Carpenters Portable Framing Square was invented, and is manufactured in the USA.



Best Carpenters Portable Framing Square

With Carpenters Portable framing square, you can finally customize your frames to perfection. This genius tool lets you easily take apart your frame and make any necessary adjustments. Whether you’re a professional framer or just DIY-ing it, this is the square for you.

  • High-Quality
  • Multiple Use
  • Accuracy And Durability
  • Unique Design
  • Easy To Use

Carpenters Portable Framing Square is the Best Choice For General Contracting and Construction

A framing square is a must-have for any construction project. It helps in creating perfectly straight lines and angles, which is crucial for a structurally sound build.

  • Oil Field Welders And Fabricators (In the oil field welding, fitting, and modifications are common (especially at the wildcat wells). Having one’s own framing square is great. This one can be carried with your tools. There when you need it!”)
  • Draftsmen
  • Detective Works
  • Remodelers and Carpenters

Framing squares are used for a variety of tasks, including marking and measuring angles, creating right angles, and transferring measurements.

A framing square is a tool used in carpentry and construction. It is a right-angle triangle with one leg that is longer than the other. The blade is typically used to measure and mark out lengths, and the tongue is used to make sure that corners are at a right angle.

Yes, framing squares are accurate. They are used to ensure that all sides of a structure, such as a wall or a roof, are at the correct angle.

Yes, the framing square is manufactured in the USA. Our framing squares are some of the most popular tools used by carpenters and woodworkers. They are made from durable materials and have a variety of features that make them extremely versatile.

Some of the features that make this square so versatile include the following:
The square can be adjusted to fit any size angle, making it perfect for use in a variety of applications.
The angles can be easily read on the scale, which makes it easy to ensure that your cuts are accurate.

Framing squares weight is 1.8 lbs. It includes the weight of all attachments as well.